Comprehensive Energy in Park solutions

Solutions for operation and maintenance of Grid-connected micro-grids

Integrated smart island solutions

Design, construction and management of off-grid micro-grids and their applied subsystems

Energy cloud platform solutions

Energy operation and management system, remote operation system and dispatching control system

Integrated Energy Projects’ Technical Reporting Service

Customized technical reports for and complex projects including integrated energy, micro-grids, optical storage and dispatch, distributed combined heat and power generation, etc.

Micro-grid operation and management system

Supporting Micro-grid owners for daily customer management, business marketing, asset management, bill accounting, data analysis, operation decision, etc.

Micro-grid remote operation system

Remote operation systems enable owners to manage the whole micro-grid system and provide better service for customers with high efficiency and low cost.

Micro-grid dispatching control system

Micro-grid dispatching control system, combined with operation and maintenance system, realizes smart docking and automated control and operation of power business and device systems, increasing system’s economic profit.

Mobile photovoltaic energy storage system

Mobile photovoltaic energy storage systems are highly integrated and modularized micro-grid systems, realizing sustainable and reliable energy supply in special situations.

Micro-grid control terminal and module

Micro-grid control terminal and module is the core facility, requiring high efficiency, reliability and extensibility.